Sunday, 9 January 2011

Out and about

I have been exploring a little this week. The public transport system is a thing of great beauty and efficiency, and for a modest CHF8.20 (about £5) I can go anywhere within the city limits for 24 hours. The network consists of exclusively overground transport, including trams, bendy buses, trains and a cable car – so no more London Underground-induced black bogies for me (Londoners you know what I mean)! Greg tells me that the Swiss have recently bemoaned the fact that 2-3 in 10 of their trains now leave 2-4 minutes late, up from 1 late train out of 10. To me that seems rather wonderful. My favourite so far are the trams for their silent but deadly stealth attacks on unwitting pedestrians. If you come to visit us in Z├╝rich, be warned to look both ways (the wrong way first) when crossing tram lines because they are whispering death. They may look friendly, but secretly they are plotting to take over the city.

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